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I was just like you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.16.18 PMI woke up every Monday morning, promising myself that this would be the start of my new, perfect life. I would eat all the right foods, exercise 5 days a week, track all of my calories, and finally stick with it!

This would work well for a few days, but before long my eating would spiral out of control and Id find myself waking up on another Monday, promising myself things would be better.

I hated the way I looked. Six weeks before any “big event” I would try to crash diet my way to a more svelte figure.

I was never successful, and would always find myself bigger, not smaller. This cast a shadow over what should have been happy occasions. I was always preoccupied with thoughts of, I should be skinny. I should look like her. I am not good enough. I dont deserve to be here.

I didn’t know how to do anything without food.

Don’t want to study? Have a snack.

It’s your birthday (or your friend’s… or a friend of a friend)? Get that cake!

Have a bad day? Treat yourself to some ice cream!

Any emotion, holiday (no matter how obscure), or occasion was a reason to eat!

Of course I would always promise myself that I would be goodtomorrow.

I paid hundreds of dollars for a personal trainer who scolded me for eating processed food for dinner. I saw a therapist who scoffed at me when I told her, full of guilt, that I ate a whole jar of jam in one sitting.

At the age of 16, I was fat-shamed by my family practice doctor when he sneered with disgust, I meanLook at you. Youre practically obese!(I will never forget those words. He made me feel worthless based on my size. Ugh!

I was tired of the constant judgement. I was over the never-ending rain of “shoulds” coming from magazines, books, TV, celebrities, parents… you get the picture.

I already knew what I shoulddo. Why couldnt I do it?!?!?! 

I was fed up with everything. I didn’t know whether to give up and accept myself at a larger size, or to keep chasing my tail and trying to lose weight.

For me, it took moving to another country to find health.

14355596_10100789727581892_451252984127361440_n-1I had struggled with food and weight for my entire life. I quit trying to be perfect, and started to do it my way. I lost the weight for good, and I’m thinner than I was in high school!

Now, my relationship with food is:

  • Enjoyable - No more low fat salad dressings! Blech!
  • Beneficial - I feel energized and nourished
  • Unburdened - Guilt doesn’t help anyone.
  • Sustainable - There  is no “wagon” that we should be getting on and off of!

I can tell you one thing: There is nothing wrong with you. You can do this.

I designed a coaching program for women like you.

Feed it Forward

My program is named “Feed it Forward” because I believe in the power of positive momentum. One small step in the right direction leads to more and more movement towards reaching your goals.

We will meet for an hour of one-on-one coaching six times over the course of eight weeks.

We’ll cover a lot of info (take a look below), so this provides you with a few weeks to let everything really “settle in.”


  • Week One: Goals, Dreams and Beliefs

    • Deep dive into your dieting history: What’s worked and what needs to go? 
    • Beliefs around weight loss and diet 
    • Goal-setting and priorities  
    • Body image and acceptance


  • Week Two: Food

    • My signature approach to meal prep and portion control 
    • Recipes & Meal ideas based on what you like to eat 
    • Troubleshooting: “I’m doing everything right but not losing weight.”
    • Discuss your current diet and implement some easy tools to optimise weight loss and health

  • Week Three: Mind

    • Identify problem areas for you (weekends, late nights, parties, etc..) and how to deal with them
    • The mind/body connection and its relationship to dieting
    • Self sabotage
    • Negative thought and behavioural patterns
    • How to move on after a slip up

  • Week Four

    • Implementation Week - No call 

  • Week Five: Mornings & Movement

    • Construct a personally-tailored morning routine that will help to exponentially improve your health
    • Exercise and movement
    • Giving yourself credit

  • Week Six: Enjoying Life

    • How many “cheats” should you have? 
    • Incorporating your favorite foods into your diet without going into an eating tailspin 
    • Managing cravings  
    • Emotional eating  
    • Navigating parties and special occasions

  • Week Seven

    • Implementation Week - No call 

  • Week Eight: Wrap Up

    • Review of goals and accomplishments 
    • Moving forward: continuous improvement 
    • Self care and celebration

Feed it Forward Investment


  • Or 3 biweekly payments of $115

This time will be different. (Really!)

By the end of our eight weeks working together, you feel feel empowered. You will have “permission” to eat whatever you want. You will have the tools you need to STOP being at the mercy of the pint of Ben and Jerry’s in your freezer.

You won’t have to rely on sheer willpower to get through a day of “perfect” eating. You will develop habits and routines that make eating right effortless.

I spent ridiculous amounts of money trying to unlock the mystical secret of how to lose weight forever. I read diet books, hired personal trainers, spent hours with therapists, drank juice for 48 hours, tried (unsuccessfully) to quit sugar, didn’t eat carbs, only ate fruit, journaled my hand off…. you get the point.

I did it all.

Eating plans were too structured (what if I ate something not on the list?) and didn’t cover the mental side of things. Programs that focused on the mental side didn’t give me enough structure on the food side.

My program incorporates both: the mental and physical parts of dieting.

I am here to be your supporter and your biggest cheerleader.

We will work together to find customised tools and tricks so you can get healthy in a way that:

  • Doesn’t turn you into a b*tch to be around
  • Allows you to go out and celebrate special occasions with friends and family
  • Prevents you from getting food envy when your coworker is eating fries at lunch
  • Puts you in control of what you eat (not the pushy coworker, your family member, or the cookie yelling at you!)
  • Makes you feel healthy, happy and vibrant

Contact me to book a discovery session. In this free 30 minute call, we will get clear on your goals and if my program would be a good fit.

Have a question? Please email me. I’d love to give you an answer!