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Girl eating a dessert
My first love - SUGAR.

My life used to revolve around two very strong, but completely opposite forces: my weight and my food.

On one hand, I desperately wanted to be "skinny." I was the token plus-size friend in a group of size 6 girls. I wished, more than anything, to be thin, pretty and carefree - like the models in magazines (this was long before the days of social media).


On the other hand, I LOVED food. When I ate something that tasted good, I couldn't stop. I didn't want the experience to end. I mean... why eat a little cookie dough when you could eat the whole tube?


Junk food felt like heaven, but when the euphoria of oreos and ice cream wore off, I'd be left lying on my bed, feeling completely depressed, sick to my stomach, and thinking, "Why the f-ck did I just do that?"

I spent a good deal of my life looking for the "magic solution" that would make my desire for thinness override my desire to gorge myself on delicious food.

  • I had a personal trainer scold me for eating noodles, and tell me to just "drink green tea and fast" the day after a binge.
  • I had a therapist who could not hide the look of disgust on her face when I told her that I ate a whole jar of jam.
  • I had a doctor look me up and down with disdain and say, "Look at you, you're practically obese!" when I was a teenager. I left in tears.


I was tired of diet books, informercials, celebrities, and magazines telling me completely confusing and contradictory ways to, "LOSE WEIGHT FAST!"

I was tired of waking up on Monday morning full of motivation and binge eating by dinner time.

I was tired of being scared to go to the grocery store because I didn't trust myself around my favorite binge foods.

I was tired of wasting so much of my life and squandering so many opportunities due to my binge eating and weight.

I was tired of hearing the message: "If you're not losing weight, it's because you're not trying hard enough."

Overweight girl working at a grocery store
My first job... I was a Senior in high school.



English teacher in Taiwan surrounded by Taiwanese teachers
My last day teaching in Taiwan. I miss these ladies!
  • Everyone was eating carbs and sugar without any drama!


  • Nobody felt guilty about eating a piece of fruit!


  • There was no "diet food" but the people were much healthier!
Girl tasting food in India
Sampling chaat in India!

I decided to stop restricting, and start allowing.

For the first time since I was a kid, I let myself enjoy "non-healthy" food. I learned moderation. I started to exercise regularly. I learned how my thoughts and habits were affecting my diet.


Girl eating a donut in Japan.
Eating a donut in Japan!

And the best part? I am happier, healthier (and thinner) now than I ever was when I was white-knuckling my way through restrictive diets and riding the binge rollercoaster.


If you are stuck right now, I want you to hear this:


Girl in front of a sign that says "You Are Lucky"

You can...

  • Learn how to eat all the things in moderation.
  • Develop a consistent exercise routine that levels up your body & mind.
  • Enjoy getting your picture taken.
  • Stop feeling like a rabid dog in a cage around your favorite foods.
  • Let go of food as the main focus of your life, so you can cultivate a life of your dreams.

Feeling skeptical?

I know what you're thinking.....

  • I have tried everything already. I don't want to waste more money. Maybe I should just accept myself at my bigger size.
  • I can't afford to eat healthy. It's too expensive.
  • I will never look like (insert random celebrity here). What's the point?
  • I'm too busy to spend hours meal prepping.
  • My family is always pushing food on me. It's impossible for me to lose weight.
  • I have no discipline or willpower, so everything I try will just fail eventually.


I designed my six-week, one-on-one coaching program specifically for women like you. Women who are smart, talented, and driven... but know that their relationship with food is holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Girl posing on a pole

Here is what we'll be covering....

  • FOOD

    Learn how to break up with food as your dysfunctional bff.

    • How to be disciplined, yet flexible, around food.
    • A personalized way of eating that works for YOU.
      • On a budget? No time to meal prep? Vegan? No problem!
    • Practice moderation so you can be one of those freaks of nature that eats a little ice cream, puts the carton back in the freezer, and forgets about it.
    • Strategies for problematic eating behaviors like: night eating, emotional eating, cravings, eating out, temptation from friends & family.

    Trust me... it's not just for skinny & flexible girls!

    • Two custom yoga workouts designed for your specific needs.
    • Learning how to apply yogic principles like mindfulness, patience, and curiosity to your weight loss journey.
    • No fancy equipment or gym membership required.

    Recruit the most under-utilized body part to help with weight loss!

    • The destructive nature of habits; how to change them
    • The ineffectiveness of willpower and motivation
    • Meditation/Mindfulness work
    • Self Sabotage
    • Changing limiting beliefs and thoughts
    • Brain chemistry and how that relates to overeating & binge eating

    Actionable strategies and education to take back control of your life.

    • Action plans for getting on track after a binge
    • Techniques to let go of perfectionist, black & white thinking when it comes to food
    • "Binge Autopsy" - we'll uncover what happened during your binges so they don't happen again
    • Thoughtwork for recognizing & dismissing urges

    For most of us, food is a constant source of comfort and happiness. We spend some much time obsessed with it that we no other sources of joy in our lives. I want us to engineer your dream life so you can stop hiding and start living.

    • Time management - how being intentional with your time will help you get more awesome stuff done.
    • Relaxing / finding joy without food
    • Getting better sleep so your days are better.
    • How structure creates freedom.
    • Giving yourself credit for your awesomeness


  • A coaching plan that is tailored for your specific goals and desires.
  • Two custom yoga workouts, designed with your physical and mental needs in mind.
  • Six hour-long coaching calls with me on Zoom, along with follow-up notes and homework assignments.
  • Unlimited message and support via Slack so I can keep you accountable and talk you through any tough times!

This program won't work if you...

  • Want to lose lots of weight really quickly,
  • Are not ready to seriously question thoughts that are holding you back.
  • Use your weight as the only metric of success when it comes to your health and happiness.
  • Are unwilling to drop the excuses you've been holding onto that are keeping you stuck.
  • Cannot see failures as learning opportunities.
  • Want me to help you stick to a rigid diet program.

Think you can't afford coaching?

For a limited time, I am offering my program at a HUGE discount, because I want to help you!

Your Investment


  • Or 2 payments of 250.00

NOTE: I want my clients to get the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE from working with me. My program is highly customized and I put is lots of work behind the scenes for each person. It's absolutely essential that you're ready to commit to putting in the work as well. If you're ready to get back control and start living your best life, please click the link below to fill out a questionnaire and be contacted for a discovery session to see if we'd be a good fit. Can't wait to hear from you! xx.


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