I see this come up a lot. Most chronic dieters eat well most of the time… but the other time… well… that’s when all the wheels fall off, so to speak.

And that’s the time that matters the most.

Think about it. You find yourself going through your week. Everything is perfect.  Not a point/calorie/macro out of place… until….

It’s someone’s farewell at lunch, so you go out to eat and order a salad. When you get back to work, you realize OMG there was sugar in the dressing and you’re not supposed to eat sugar!!! The horror!!!!

Then you think… screw it…I failed. I want to eat all the yummy shit I can never have, because starting tomorrow I will be super strong and my willpower will be bulletproof and I won’t eat any junk food ever again!!

For me, this cycle would play out weekly. The massive overindulges I had kept me from losing any weight, and I also felt like an insane person.

I looked at peoples’ before-and-after weight loss stories, and I would think… Why not me? Why can’t I get results? I’m working SOOO HARD!!!

Here’s the thing: if your diet isn’t consistent, you won’t see results. 

If you find yourself struggling and constantly sabotaging yourself, there is one question you should ask yourself:

Would I do this every day if it I were at my “goal weight” ?

I know I know, are you rolling your eyes at me right now? But seriously… stay with me for this!

I have done countless diets that were super restrictive only because I wanted to lose weight.

I never intended to eat that way forever, it would just be until the weight came off… and the weight never came off… because the more strict I tried to be around food, the harder I “rebelled” when I wasn’t eating perfectly.

When I realized this, I went back to square one and really had that “What is it all for!??!” moment. Haha.

I have a history of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and cancer in my family. That is why I choose fruits and vegetables over pizza. I also feel better, I’m more productive, and I can be more active with my students when I’m teaching. Plus, I want to age gracefully and be mobile when I’m older.

Aaaaand to do this, I don’t need to stop eating sugar, carbs and fat. Actually, I can enjoy them all! (what!!)

So to answer my own question:

  • Would I eat lots of vegetables every day if I were at my goal weight? – Yes
  • Would I exercise every morning if it if I were at my goal weight? – Yes
  • Would I stop eating sugar forever if I were at my goal weight? – NO
  • Would I stop eating carbs if I were at my goal weight? – NO
  • Would I do 3 hours of cardio if I were at my goal weight? – NO

My goal is NOT perfection in any way. My goal is to be consistent with what works for me. 

I like sweets, so I taught myself how to enjoy them without devouring them all. I hate running, so I found another form of exercise. I don’t have the time to go to the gym, so I exercise at home.

I really turned a corner when I realized that no foods were ‘evil’ and also there is no ‘magical diet’ that will suddenly “click” and make me lose the weight for good, and somehow eliminate the food cravings that I battled for years and years.

If you find yourself struggling every week to stick to your diet, take the time to really analyze what you are doing. What are your goals, and do you really need to go to drastic dieting extremes to get there? (Hint: quick fixes never work… stay away!!!)

What food are you missing, and can you find a way to work it in? Is there a workout you’ve been avoiding? Maybe it’s too hard and unenjoyable… find something that you can get up and be excited to do!

Let me know what you’re planning to do this week, I’d love to hear from you!



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